What is the secret to make your hair salon stand out?

In this last quarter ofthe year, it is clear that competition within the hairdressing industry is as fierce as ever.

Regardless of the season, it is always a good time to start thinking about what can be done to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Being good at what you do is a great satisfaction and an essential requirement for success, but it is not enough. You need to make your barbershop the place to go and come back every time. The great experience that your clients will value is determined by many different factors, not just the haircut.

Study what the competition does

Keeping an eye on the competition is a vital part of any business. This does not mean copying, but rather finding out and taking note of where you think you could apply improvements.

The hairdressing industry is incredibly creative, with new styles and techniques emerging all the time. In addition to continually recycling, watching those who are doing well is essential in this business.

The most successful hairdressers have formed their own identity by putting the needs of their clients first: responding to the demands of the customers is key.


Stay Informed

Professionals know that trends can and do change quickly. Therefore, staying informed about the latest developments in your ecosystem will help your salon shine.

In addition to being the latest in haircuts and treatments, spending some time researching which marketing techniques are succeeding or which communicational dynamics are in vogue is always a good idea. There are many creative ways to attract customers, for example: setting up a group promotion for haircuts with family or friends. 

Never underestimate the power of a good reputation. If word spreads that the treatment, service and atmosphere are unique in your salon, it is likely that word of mouth will fill your schedule.


Make sure your barber furniture is up to date


Nobody wants to get a haircut in a bad environment. Making sure your furniture is comfortable and up to date is one of the most effective ways to enhance your space. Barber chairs should be comfortable so that your clients can relax and easy enough to maneuver so that your staff can do their best job and take care of their health.

Customers see in the interior design of your premises and its furniture a reflection of the quality of your service.

A great investment that never fails is the Kirk barber chair in any of its versions. Kirk is a leader in the barber furniture industry and offers premium quality at a very affordable price.





Help yourself from social networks

Today, you have at your fingertips a very effective “speaker” or “showcase” between your clientele and your potential customers to boost your business. 

In addition to creating a potential customer community and increasing the feeling of pride among the most loyal customers, social networks are a magnificent letter of introduction among those who have not yet visited your salon.

In networks, like everything else, it is important to maintain consistency, regularity and quality in your communications. Make sure all useful information, such as opening hours and prices, is available and clear. It is important not only to communicate, but also to interact and respond, to be attentive to customer messages and to give them a quick and useful response.


Encourage reviews

Don’t be shy about encouraging your customers to leave reviews both online and in person, because people tend to trust what others recommend.

Plus, persistent positive reinforcement could literally be the difference between clients who decide to stay or go elsewhere. It is important to think that we not only want clients to come, we want them to come back. 

Today we all trust reviews more, because they are transparent and come from the user, than from advertising or communication that comes from the business itself. It is a basic tool to generate brand trust and help position your salon on the web.



A happy and excited team is everything

Making sure your staff is happy at work should always be a priority. If your people prosper, the customer experience will also prosper.

Providing a first-class customer experience is a sure way to get people talking about how great your salon is. The best asset of your business is your team, which makes sure to provide a memorable experience for your customer.

If you have a team that is proud of what it does and where it works, you will see productivity levels skyrocket and your business thrives. It does not fail.


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