Waiting in a salon may no longer be an ordeal

Have you decided to open a salon? There are many details to keep in mind, of course besides a good location and a catchy name. One of the essential details is the interior design that will capture the first impression of customers in the reception and waiting areas.

An attractive and stylish interior is a great resource that helps a salon stand out from its closest competitors. And along with a fresh renovation, comfort and convenience for customers are almost guaranteed with it.

A good way to implement this idea is to create a small, sometimes even tiny, waiting area with quality furniture and delicious details such as: mobile phone charger, sweets, water, magazines, etc.


The importance of a waiting area for a beauty salon

What is the main role of the waiting area? Sometimes, although we don’t want to, clients spend part of their time in our salon waiting and it may be useful for us to free up the work area during this wait and make it more comfortable.

That is why a waiting area should be a place of relaxation. A space where you can have a coffee, snack on some sweets, work, get inspired or rest.

This article tells you the main details that you need to take into account when planning or renovating a comfortable waiting area.


  1. Where to locate the waiting area of a hairdressing salon?

The waiting area is usually located next to the reception area and can have the functions of a transit space. But it is also interesting to give it the connotations mentioned above and turn it into a section in which you can comfortably wait for the time you need a treatment and take the opportunity to relax, work or get inspired.

Think about the dynamics you want to create in your salon and choose the use of the waiting area that best suits you, so you can decide where it’s best to locate it.


Waiting area furniture

Whether or not part of the waiting area, the reception desk should provide comfortable communication between staff and customers:

  • The ideal size of a reception desk is below the chest. If it is higher, it will work as a psychological barrier.
  • It will be good to think about the comfort of the visitors and get small shelves available to customers.

It is interesting to equip the waiting area with a coffee table, a soft sofa or several poufs. You can also place a TV on the wall. If your salon sells beauty products, it makes sense to place them near the waiting area. 

Do not forget that furniture must be consistent with the style of your salon. Here you have our selection of key furniture pieces for waiting areas of hair salons and barbershops:

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