Tips to retain customers of your salon

Many salon and barber shop owners are aware that their staff are the heart of the business and what keeps the shop running. Although this is true, there is another essential aspect of your salon without which hard work would be of little use. Having a loyal clientele is essential for any business to have continued success.

But even as your schedule fills up with appointments, you may find that staying afloat is harder than you thought. The good news is that there are clients who are able and willing to pay a little more for services, and this can help keep your salon doors open. Here are eight tips to attract this type of clientele to your salon and build their loyalty.

Identify customer needs

The unstable flow of customers can be related to specific problems that a business may experience. These problems may be due to the perception of the prices of the services, the availability and flexibility of reservations, the experience in the premises and the competition. The sooner you identify these problem areas, the sooner you can plan an effective solution to mitigate profit loss.

Renew the customer experience

Renewing the customer experience is an effective strategy to get more attendance. For example, you can upgrade your reception area to make your customers feel more comfortable while waiting.

People value attention. Offering your customers a drink and sitting down with them to find out what service they are looking for, what preferences they have and if they are comfortable with alternative plans if a cut or style does not suit them is another way to ensure a good experience in your store.

Update your space

Your business must emanate luxury and personality to create coherence with the price of the service.

It may be time to replace the old salon chairs, invest in new washing stations or add new services like manicures and pedicures to help promote that elegant and chic image you’ve been after.

Here is a selection of our favorite furniture for hair salons and barbershops:


Cutting chairs


Washing units

Styling units

Refine your message

If you’re having a hard time attracting higher-paying customers, tweaking your messaging on your website and social media is one tactic that can promote consistency and professionalism across the board. Connecting with your audience is the previous step to connecting with your clientele.

It is important not only to make promises, but also to justify them with the reasons that allow you to carry them out: a new line of high-end products, detailing the steps of a service, presenting the team and its new achievements…

Increase your level of demand

Just as customers take their time and money quite seriously, you should do the same with your business. Your salon is your livelihood, and others shouldn’t take your time for granted. You should get used to applying a no-show or late cancellation policy that clients should be aware of at the time of making the appointment.

This policy will encourage forgetful clients to show up for their sessions on time, so there are no gaps in your schedule.

When you incorporate something new, especially if it raises service standards, you should consider the possibility of increasing prices. Contrary to what we might think, raising prices can make your target clientele improve their perception of the service and this can encourage them to book a session.

Check your social media

Like any business these days, you are no stranger to social media and how it works. Social networks are one of the best ways to reach your target audience, to be able to retain them and to unite the team. Take a look at your social networks to know who has or has not booked a session with one of your stylists.

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