Tips to boost your beauty or hair salon

Tips to boost your beauty or hair salon   As a salon owner, you know the challenges of the beauty industry as well as the satisfaction of regular attendance and the motivation of a busy team in a salon that exudes success. But the difficult thing is to be able to sustain this situation over time, even improve it. What should never be abandoned is the desire to make your salon always more prosperous than it is now.   Why is productivity important in the salon?   For any business of any kind, productivity is very important: it makes the world go around. This competitive world keeps us all motivated and driven. With a productive salon, resources can be used in the best way, optimising investment. We know that everything, from the most expensive products to interior design, staff salaries, general equipment, etc., carries a great cost, so it is clear that a balance must be established between creativity and productivity for the success of the business.   Provide a new appointment to each customer   From the salon software, you can easily allow your customers to book the appointment despite the hours (even after office hours). Salon staff can even update it when they are available or when saying goodbye to a regular client. This will not only increase the number of appointments by 50%, but will also reduce the number of absences.   Allow customers to rebook when they leave the salon after services. It would be best if you developed a rebooking strategy and asked your staff to use it properly. Your staff is the one who can boost bookings in your salon.   Efficiency and comfort   One of the aspects that is often forgotten to improve the productivity of a hair or beauty salon is to bet on comfort. Little is said about how important it is to have a functional, agile and “happy” body (that does not complain of any pain), during the long working days in which the hairdressers spend many hours standing. In addition, having a staff motivated to take care of themselves minimises sick leave and increases empathy and joy in the work environment.   There are several tips to improve comfort (and therefore efficiency) while working:
  • Use anti-fatigue mats in cutting and washing areas. In addition to preventing pain, they promote good posture and allow you to take care of your body while you work.
  • Keep the products and tools you use tidy and close at hand. To do this, the best option is to use trolleys for beauty salons that have a thoughtful design and can be easily moved.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner designed for hair salons. Not every vacuum cleaner is efficient at cleaning thousands of hairs. We recommend the Catty hair vacuum which has infrared to detect hair.
Sell products in your hair salon   From a simplistic point of view, productivity can be broken down into average sales over a period of time. While much of that focus is on improving sales volume (how many customers you can serve), that shouldn’t be the only thing.   An easy way to increase transaction totals is through upselling. Service supplements typically have a higher profit margin than the basic service. Plus, retail sales don’t even require extra time or energy. By offering consulting services, you can educate the customer about the benefits and use of products to recreate a style or to make their colour last longer. Through this process, customers will be more willing to purchase the recommended products while feeling well cared for and assisted.   Encourage your employees to upsell   Implement upselling in your salon and you will get amazing results. Being an upselling expert is about making sure you have the right tools (higher ranges of the same product or add-ons that improve it). Guide your staff to get creative with customer service marketing.   The best thing about upselling is that it boosts the value of the salon. Certainly, directing customers towards upselling is advantageous for your business, but you must always make sure that what they are going to get is beneficial and valuable if you want them to book an appointment again.   Implement the rewards system   Pleasing staff from time to time is important to generate pride of belonging and foster motivation. The best way is to reward them when they show an improvement in the customer retention rate.   You can set goals for the team and reward them when they meet them.

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