The power of colour

And we are not just talking about dyed hair. We want to emphasize the importance of colour in the spaces in which we live or work. Because the chromaticism of our environment influences the perception of the moment we live in.

We can think of colours as our allies. They are a clever toolkit to enhance our brand identity, our business and even our relationship with clients.


Let’s use the psychology of colour

Some studies show that each colour evokes a different meaning. This happens unconsciously and is known as colour psychology or chromatic psychology.

Hairdressing salons, beauty centers and barber shops are spaces where we are predisposed to give ourselves a moment for self-care. We offer ourselves an experience that, in addition to relaxing, we hope it will empower us and give us beauty.

Therefore, beyond looking for a cozy interior design, with personality and corporate with the graphic and aesthetic identity of the brand, it is essential to know that the chosen palette will affect the perception and feelings of the clients.



A tool for your business

We want to help in this regard, so we have a wide range of new upholstery colours that allow us to customize most of our furniture.

Having the option to choose à la carte may be easier if you have the following information, the meaning of colours according to colour psychology:


In western cultures, white represents innocence and purity, as well as cleanliness, peace and virtue. It invites you to relax and let yourself go.


Yellow represents gold and sunlight. Like red, it can evoke aggressiveness, but also energy, joy, happiness, wealth, power, abundance, strength and action. However, and according to the psychology of color it is one of the most ambiguous colors since it can also represent envy, anger or betrayal. Warning! An excessive presence of yellow can irritate our mood, as we are used to seeing it in small doses.


Red, with its multiple shades, can evoke passion, stimulation, strength, virility and even danger. It is an aggressive color that draws a lot of attention. Wearing a red outfit can lead us to behave in a somewhat more extroverted way than we are used to.


Orange tones are energetic, bold and warm, especially those with a more intense tone. They convey vitality, enthusiasm, action and youth. It can also be associated with sensuality, the divine, and lust. It is also often linked with optimism.


Blue tones are often associated with seriousness, health, honesty, transparency and cleanliness. Besides, they convey confidence. Being the color of sky and water, it also represents tranquility, freshness and purity.


Green tones evoke nature, freshness, health, ecology, etc. The deeper greens convey calm while the brighter tones are more related to vitality. Green also represents youth and hope.


Soft pink or pale pink tones evoke childhood, sweetness and innocence. Darker pinks, like fuchsia, are more associated with love, passion, and romance.


We associate purple tones with imagination, nostalgia and spirituality. It also relates to royalty and evokes high quality. It can represent sophistication and elegance.


The brown colour is appropriate if we want to convey elegance, neutrality, sobriety and simplicity. Being a colour linked to the earth, it can also evoke nature, tradition and origin.


Black is the colour of elegance, luxury, sobriety and authority. It is a colour that has a lot of strength and ability to attract attention. The colour black also has some negative connotations, as it is associated with death, evil and destruction. Due to its close relationship with darkness it can also symbolize mystery and the unknown. Asking yourself what emotion you want to convey in the premises that we are going to remodel will help a lot to create the colour palette that leads to it. We can make colour a great ally in our business.








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