The hair salons after COVID-19

The hair salons, beauty salons and barbershops have been forced to shut down because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. After a few weeks without being allowed to open your business, it seems that the return to work is a little closer. In any case, hairdressers must take extraordinary measures to be able to realize your passion with the maximum hygiene possible and safety guarantees.

In this blog post, we will explain what those measures are. Let’s go!

Unfortunately, due to the proximity in which you work and the direct contact with customers, it seems that it will be one of the last businesses to be able to reopen.

As a recommendation, now that by law you must remain closed, it is a good time for the planning of the new situation. It is a good time to evaluate, plan and prepare the return to work adapting to the new conditions: longer working hours to service your customers slower due to the exhaustive cleaning that should be done after each cut, to avoid crowds of people…


One of the measures that we will surely have to take, is that of the redistribution of space to be able to comply with security regulations. It may be recommended to space the work areas beyond 2 meters. That means the styling chairs must have a separation of 2 meters.

Secondly, the customers may need to wait outside the premises to get the minimum amount of people within the premises. It is also recommended to have the windows open to allow air circulation.

It is very important that your customers see that you have worked to implement those measures and that their health and well-being is essential to us. We must offer them the feeling of maximum security within our capabilities.


The use of PPE or individual protective materials can be the great ally as long as normality is not restored to 100%.

You can use material such as:

  • Latex, nitril or PVC disposable gloves / Constantly wash your hands with anti-bacteria gel
  • Wear protection masks
  • Use safety goggles



In addition, the hygiene and cleanliness of the premises is very important. It will be very important to properly clean and disinfect all utensils used after each customer. To do so, all non-electrical tools must be placed inside a sterilizing solution for at least ten minutes.

In addition, not only should the tools be disinfected, but it is also recommended to disinfect hard surfaces such as styling units, and styling chairs.

To decrease the chances of carrying the disease home, showering before and just after the work day is essential. Deposit all work clothes directly into the washing machine when returning from the hair salon. Using antibacterial products can significantly reduce the risk of contagion.


It is advised to use disposable towels. As this has a very high cost and is unsustainable, standard towels are also allowed but with clear regulations. As with tools, standard towels should only have one use. After each use should be washed with hot water taking extreme care when handling them. They should only be handled with the corresponding PPE to prevent any possible contagion.


Washing hair before starting treatment may improve, even slightly, cross-contamination.

In addition it is important that you disinfect neck accessories after each customer.

Should avoid, in any case, the work that is done around the mouth or nose, since they are key parts where COVID-19 could be spread.


To avoid direct contact with the hands of customers or with material that has been in contact with your customers, we recommend that you use alternative payment method such as card payment, contactless card payment, bank transfers or the use of applications that allow telematic payments.


Always, before entering our salon, it is important to ask and detect if any of our patients have any symptoms. If so, we should ask them to return to their homes and prevent them from accessing our shop to prevent possible spreads.

In addition, we can also ask our clients to wear a face mask and disinfect their hands right when entering our hair salon/barbershop. (We can offer disinfectants to help reduce the spread of the virus.)

Meanwhile… find out how to stay in touch with your customers!

We hope our today’s post was useful! We will gradually go back to normal… Cheer up and be strong!

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Source: British Master Barbers

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