The best tricks and tips for a healthy hair

Sunny days, endless hours in the pool and on the beach; too much contact with the sun, sand, chlorine and salt … What do I have to do to have healthy hair?

Surely you have been asked this question many times and it has always been difficult for you to answer it. Today we bring you some of the tricks and tips to get that much-desired hair!

  1. Always apply the mask before the shampoo 

Apart from following this order, it is very important for a total absorption of the mask and, thus get maximum benefits, that once applied the mask, wrap the hair with a plastic film and a towel for 20 minutes. When these 20 minutes have elapsed, rinse the hair providing a good massage to the scalp.

     2. A good worn up is much better than a marked stripe

In summer, say yes to the fast hair pullings, like ponytails and high buns. Avoid the marked lines that could damage your scalp because of the sun, which could burn it.

     3. A good brushing is the key

To get that much-desired ad hair, it is vital to do a good brushing, at least twice a day (in the morning and at night).

You should ignore those who say that brushing your hair helps their fall! With a good method, it is very beneficial!

    4. In summer, outdoor drying

Many hours of intense sun, too much direct contact with sand, chlorine, salt and other external factors that damage our hair during the summer months. That is why we must avoid excessive use of the dryer or the iron. There is nothing better than giving a break to your hair by drying your hair outdoors.

   5. Use protection for a healthy hair 

In the same way that we have very internalized the need for a good sunscreen to avoid burns that could be a problem in the future … So the same for hair! Use whenever you can a hat or a cap if you are going to spend a lot or a lot of time in the sun.

And now, with these tips to take care and to avoid damaging your hair as much as possible it’s time to … ENJOY THE BEACH AND HOLIDAY!





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