Taking care of our image makes us happy. Very happy.

Is there anyone still doubting it?

According to a study carried out by the Business Alliance for the Reduction of VAT to 10% on Personal Image, going to the hairdresser or beauty salon improves the mood of 82.9% of the population.

Loyalty, happiness and assiduity in hair salons

A new haircut, getting a treatment or simply updating our look gives us security, excites us and comforts us.

Everything that has to do with our personal care or dedicating ourselves a space just to pamper ourselves, gives us benefits that go beyond aesthetic results.

Indeed, the high level of trust and intimacy that aesthetic professionals achieve with their clients could be similar to that found with a professional who heals us from any ailment. For many people, putting themselves in the hands of their stylist increases personal safety and mood like no other economic activity does. 

We are excited to see that when asking if one is happier when leaving the hair salon and beauty salon, the average value reached on the scale of 1 to 5 is 4.79. In short, hairdressing and beauty professionals are professionals of HAPPINESS in capital letters, since they clearly manage to improve the mood of their clientele in each visit.


Hairdressers: A faithful sector with a long history.

When asking about the age of clients in hairdressing salons, barber shops and beauty centres, the response has been comparable to crystal weddings with an average of 15.8 years. And almost 90% of the clients of the same hairdressing and aesthetic salon have been going to it for more than 5 years.

In the field of marketing, these figures are very valuable since they show the very high degree of loyalty that customers have towards the professionals who provide their services to take care of their personal image.



High recurrence and traffic in the centres

If the aspect to assess is the frequency with which we usually reward ourselves by providing us with a session of care and pampering, the figures show that the hairdressing sector is in very good health: customers visit the establishments every 30.1 days on average and 26.3% of customers use these services once a week or every two weeks on average.

We perceive the world and our experiences in it through the senses. Beyond the final result that we pursue when passing through the hands of our trusted stylist, living this process in a pleasant space, with comfort and positive stimuli, predisposes us to treasure the experience as a gift. And also to want to repeat it as soon as possible.


Trust and Confidences

What is told in the hair salon stays in the hair salon.
How many times have we thought that aesthetic professionals are a kind of psychologist? Taking care of people’s external appearance opens a door of intimacy and trust that also leads to sharing our most intimate wishes, concerns or opinions.
Therefore, we are not surprised that in relation to the level of trust and intimacy existing between clients and professionals in the sector, the average value of the answers in the study has given that almost 90% of the participants consider that the level of trust established between them and their stylist is high or very high.

Taking these figures into account, it would be convenient to make visible and value the support that society reiterates to the personal image SMEs’ claim to improve their economic conditions and particularly the restitution of their reduced VAT.






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