Should your salon or babershop offer discounts ?

There are many theories to attract new customers and increase revenue and profit in barbershop and hair salon business.

If you own a brand or salon, it is likely that at some point you have resorted to the discount or promotion strategy and have been successful. But, surely you agree that a more complete and long-term vision is one that, in addition to increasing revenue and the influx of customers, manages to add value to your brand. 

Today we are going to reflect on this idea.

Benefits of discounts

Discounts are a great way to encourage attendance at your salon and promote your business to potential customers who may not even know you exist. Once customers walk through your doors, an excellent opportunity opens up to introduce them to new services, treatments and products. During quieter periods, a promotion can boost revenue and, depending on the type of promotion, can increase customer loyalty.

The Disadvantage of Discounts

Applying a discount at the wrong time or price can damage the finances of your salon or barbershop. You should keep in mind that an incorrect price can reduce long-term profitability. Always having a promotion running can damage your salon’s brand: instead of valuing the service you provide, your clientele may not fit in well with the change to the fair price of the service. Creating a culture of discounts can lead to a decrease in customer loyalty, as they may feel disappointed if they don’t get a discount, as well as undermining customer confidence.

How to add value to your hair salon or barber shop?

If there is one thing that remains to us from the pandemic, it is the greatest value that has been given to the hairdressing and aesthetics sector. With the closure of salons and hairdressers, consumers’ perception of this service has changed. 

The hairdressing and aesthetics sector is now considered an important and valuable service provider. Therefore, it is essential to know how to take advantage of this new perception. But how do you add value to the commercial offer without necessarily falling into the promotion or discount? 

Here are some ideas:

The first could be increasing the offer or expanding the line of business, for example, by prescribing and selling high quality beauty products in the salon itself, items that consumers cannot find at the usual points of sale. 

Added value can also be generated by offering innovative, pioneering or non-competitive treatments. Thus, in addition to increasing the offer, there is the perception of “being up to date”, of commitment and work for continuous improvement. 

Another strategy to improve brand perception is to invest in interior design and the comfort of your salon. Barber and styling chairs are a key piece of furniture of a salon. These are some of our most successful armchairs. The reception and waiting areas also help to make a difference

Investing in beautiful, comfortable furniture that supports the history of your brand and resists use and the passage of time well is, without a doubt, a winning strategy.

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