Our 4 Best Vintage Style Barber Chairs

If there is an iconic and differential aspect in the barbershops, it is the atmosphere created by the vintage style of their furniture. In fact, not just their furniture, but the service itself: traditional barbershops are arguably more popular than ever, as wet shaves, beard trims and smooth haircuts are no longer a thing of the past.

So how do you create your own traditional barbershop? First of all, it is essential that the space, its interior design, is consistent with the personality of the brand, its way of working and speaking to its customers. 

Here, at Mirplay Salon, we have put ourselves in your shoes and we want to make it easier for you to find vintage-style barber chairs and furniture, bringing together in this article our best pieces that would look perfect in a traditionally inspired salon and modern customers.


Our Best Vintage Style Barber chairs

We know that finding the perfect barber chair can be difficult. It is the most emblematic piece of the establishment, the one that your customers will use the longest and the piece of furniture that should allow you to work comfortably and strengthen your brand.
Design, functionality and comfort are the three basic values that this piece must meet.
Here are some great options, all with the retro style you’re looking for and the features your team needs to work with pride and comfort. Pieces designed to last and withstand the passage of time and hours of work.



Vintage Jones Barber chair

It’s one of our best-selling vintage barber chairs.
While the ornate silver design adorns the vintage style, the padded seats and headrest also ensure comfort for today’s barbershop customers. In addition, it is currently available in red, but it can be upholstered in any colour from our upholstery catalogue so that you can combine it perfectly with your brand’s colour palette. 



CLINT BR Vintage Barber chair

There’s a reason so many barbershops love Clint. This design combines a vintage barber chair with a touch of modernity. Quilted diamond seams and piping are purely vintage inspired, while the matte metallic finish base gives it a modern retro feel that has made it an object of desire.



Karl Classic Barber chair

The retro vibe of the Karl barber chair is ideal if you are looking for a vintage but edgier barber chair, ideal for a salon that evokes the style of the 60s. The silver seat gives it an old school vibe and the white trimmed diamond pattern of the upholstery makes it unique. Like all of our barber furniture, Karl is functional and comfortable, and features a reclining backrest, plus a hydraulic lift pump to make work easier.



Vintage KIRK CG Barber chair

The ergonomics, robustness and versatility of the KIRK CG barber chair make it shine brighter than ever.

It is the quintessential vintage barber chair. Its style and its distinctive metallic structure have made the KIRK CG an unmistakable piece.

Sitting on it gives customers more reasons to come back. And now, its shiny finish makes it irresistible.

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