Magl: “Beard has to look sharp”

They opened the first barbershop in Kaunas, a city of more than 350,000 people, 3 years ago. There are currently more than 10 barbershops in the area where the hobby and philosophy of barbershops and barbershops has grown exponentially in the last five years. The interviewed characters, although they offer a traditional and quality service, do not have any barber shop in a common place. In this case Magl, its owner, decided to create a barber shop … inside a bus! We invite you to meet her in this brief but interesting interview!

  • How were your beginnings as a barber?  

Started 3 years ago and it was first barber in Kaunas. It was very difficult, because there were no barbers in Lithuania. Owner invited some Lithuanian barbers from UK start working and learning other hairdresser to become barbers.

  • Why did you decide to become a barber?

Always had a passion to cut hair and especially for men. Then I moved to Ireland I got job in barbershop. Every day I got a lot of clients and that’s how I got experience to become a barber.

  • Which is your clientele’s profile?

We getting everyday people from college student to lawyers. But our barbershop is a solid place where clients can feel comfortable and relax with cup of coffee.

  • Do you see an evolution of the Barbershop sector?

Yes, definitely. It is growing rapidly in Lithuania. There were no barbershops 3 years ago in Kaunas and we were first barbershop, but this year we have 10 barbershops in town.

  • Talking about evolution… How did you end up with a barbershop inside a bus?

It is finished now and we have very cold winters in Lithuania. Now we are waiting for summer time and we will visit a lot of festivals and largest companies of Lithuania.

  • Which routine must a man follow in order to have an impressive beard?

The most important come to barbershop regularly, use beard oil, conditioner and other products.

  • How would you describe a good shave?

Beard has to look sharp.

  • Apart from its wheels, how would you describe your barbershop?

We want keep high end quality in our barbershop and the most important that our clients would feel comfortable during the procedures.

  • What do you like the most of your job?

To meet new people and our barbers! They are very great people

  • Are you always staying at the same place with the bus barbershop? Or do you move around?

We have plans to move around, but the biggest move will start in 2021!

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