How to run a child-friendly hair salon

How to run a child-friendly hair salon

If you want to offer services to children in your hair salon, there are many things you can do to make your business more pleasant for them. These little changes will excite little customers and get more parents to take their kids for a haircut. Here we share some ways to manage a child-friendly hair salon:


Offer kids haircuts

The first way to have a hairdresser adapted to children is to communicate that this specialized service is offered. Not all hair salons offer services for children, so it is important that clients know that this option exists. One effective resource is to offer special discounts, especially during the school year, since parents often like their children to get a haircut for school picture day and other school related events. You can also offer child-specific grooming services beyond the haircut.


Interior and furniture of a children’s hair salon

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect space to open your business, the fun part begins! It’s time to decorate, equip and furnish.


When decorating, keep in mind the use of fun colors that attract your target audience, keep in mind that parents and stylists will also spend a lot of time in your salon, so it is best to go for calm colors and neutrals and child themes. Use your imagination and ask the opinion of the children in your family. Make sure to choose a theme or design that is not only attractive to all children, but also optimally sustained over time, not a fad and fleeting theme. Older kids won’t like children’s decor, but kids of all ages might appreciate themes like the ocean or fun prints like stripes and polka dots.


For the little ones at Mirplay Salon we propose the automotive theme and we also have boosters to make the cutting chairs more comfortable and adaptable. 

Create a child-friendly reception area

Creating a child-friendly reception area is another way to make your salon more attractive and inclusive. Children are not usually very patient and waiting their turn to have their hair cut can be difficult, especially for the little ones.

That’s why it’s good to include children’s activities, toys and reading material at the reception. For example, you can put toy cars, dolls, a cart with children’s books and magazines. You can even put on a children’s television channel for them to watch while they wait for their appointment.


Interact with them

The third way to create a children’s beauty salon is to interact with them during appointments. Children don’t always want to sit still while getting a haircut, especially if they are very young. Therefore, it is useful to develop a little child psychology and interact with them. It’s a good idea to ask them what they like to do, how school is going, or what their favorite movie is. Once the child is interested and relaxed, he is more likely to enjoy her date and stay still enough for you to successfully cut and style his hair.


Now that you know how to make your salon more kid-friendly, are you going to take the plunge?

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