How to play music with copyrights in your premises?

It is worldwide known that plenty of music is under the copyright. This means that permisson is needed from those people who created it music in order to be played in public.

If your premise is located in the UK, TheMusicLicence grants you this permission. With them, you’ll be able to broadcast copywritten music via radio or a digital device includuing TV.

In case you are from Spain, please click here to get the proper information about SGAE.


Who handles all the music licenses?

Music licenses are handled on a national basis from by large companies.

UK: it is the PPL and PRS.

USA: you’ll find ASCAP and BMI.

Europe: there’s SESAC, and GEMA in Germany. Sweden has STIM and SAMI.

Australia: you’ll find OneMusic.

You can obtain a license from each collecting society separately.


What if I have already purchased the music?

When you buy music, on a CD, digitally or on a tape, you are paying for listening to it when you are at home, for personal use. Thus, if the music is played for employees, customers or visitors, then you’ll need TheMusicLicence.

There are other cases where you might have a TV license. In this case you’d only be able to broadcast the TV signal but you would not be able to enable the sound. To cover the music usage within programs, advertisements or other broadcasts you’ll usually need TheMusicLicence.


Why should I introduce music in my business?

Taking some surveys studies into consideration, aspects like colour or light are some key factors to create the idoneous enviroments. Music is not an exception and more tan 80% of the surveyed answered it was crucial.

Music has the potential to create a more upbeat and welcoming environment. It could make feel more comfortable, in harmony, your clients and create an atmosphere where they enjoy. And it’s is not only about customers, the staff or even yourself. It could help a tired team which has stayed all day on their feet or it can bring positivity and help them focus on their work, thus, improving customer service.


What happens if I continue playing music without a license?

If you continue playing music without any license it could turn into to copyright infringement. You should ensure you are properly licensed for any music use taking place in your business or organization to avoid any legal issue. The fees are very varied depending on the song, but it will land somewhere between $750 and $150,000 per song played.

 We hope this information can help you and have been useful. See you soon!

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