How to innovate in your barbershop

There is no doubt that barber services have advanced a great deal since they merely offered men a simple cut. And as the barbershop business continues to grow and develop as an industry, it’s no wonder some barbershop owners want to refresh themselves, expand their service offering, and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about how to innovate within your barbershop and the new services that will bring more customers to your business, as well as drive upsell opportunities for existing customers.


Introduce male grooming treatments in your barbershop

As the male hairdressing sector continues to grow, the demand for services such as eyebrow and beard waxing, as well as eyelash tinting, is increasing.

According to The Guardian, “modern man no longer considers female-focused treatments such as threading and eyebrow tinting to be taboo.” Threading is a perfect extra service that can complement other salon services, such as haircutting, colouring, and beard care.

When it comes to a relatively new service you’re going to offer at your barbershop, it’s wise to use social media to advertise it and show customers what to expect. Be sure to take lots of “before and after” photos of the customer to encourage other potential customers to book. 


Offer spa treatments at your barber shop

Spa treatments are an area often overlooked in barbershops. We don’t know why, because men also like pampering. If you have a qualified beauty stylist working in your salon, why not offer a “pick and mix” service where customers can choose from a range of different spa treatments for a set price? 

To complement more traditional hairdressing services, you could introduce head massages, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures.


New furniture that improves the customer experience


Everyone knows that for a barber shop it is essential to ensure that the customer leaves satisfied with each visit. Not only does the service depend on the haircut or the staff, but it is key to have the necessary facilities for customers to feel comfortable:

  • Footrests: They help improve sitting posture and offer more comfort.
  • New barber chairs: The chairs you have may be outdated. You can take a look at our latest ergonomic barber armchairs.
  • Trolleys: They will allow you to have all your tools at hand at any time while keeping the place tidy.

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