How to choose the right furniture for your salon?

When it’s time to start furnishing your salon, whether you’re starting out or updating your business, it can be difficult to identify and get everything you need right. With these practical tips for choosing the right furniture for your salon, we will try to shed light on your doubts. Let’s make interior decorating and equipment placement fun and exciting. Plus the sooner you know what you need, the sooner you can get to work.

Keep your clients in mind

The furniture you choose for your salon should attract the type of clients you want to impress. If you intend to open a family salon, for example, you must have furniture that reflects it. The idea is to attract your public also through the environment that you create in your space and the products and services that one can find in it.

For example, if your idea really is to retain the whole family, a must have are the chairs for the little ones. You are in the form of a cat or sports car are winning proposals.

Don’t forget to decorate the walls with images that support the values and style of your business. The price of the average ticket for the service in your salon is also an input that can be reflected and supported by the decoration and furniture. Clients with a higher budget tend to prefer a more elegant and clean environment; on the other hand, a cozy and rustic environment may be better suited to the plain customer. However, the overall design and ambience is ultimately up to you, as the service is what matters to the customer in the end.

Find what you need to boost your services

Some salon services require special equipment that must be purchased from specific manufacturers. Furniture such as barber chairs or cutting chairs offer a diversity of styles and colours, so finding the design that combines with the interior design and branding of your premises while offering you the maximum benefits when you work is the challenge.

For this reason, it is essential to consider that styling units can also provide storage or shelves to make the most of the space and promote order. The same happens with the washing units. Taking into account how the furniture is going to age, if the materials used in its production are of quality and it has protections, is a decisive element to optimise the investment.

Here you have our favourite furniture for hairdressing salons and barbershops.


The customization of the furniture, by choosing the upholstery or the bases of the cutting chairs, offers the opportunity to create an almost custom-made piece of furniture.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of chairs for barbershops and hairdressing salons.

Lighting tips

Sometimes we don’t give it the importance it deserves, but the lighting in the room influences more than just the precision of your haircuts or beauty treatments. Although ambient lighting can be easy on the eyes, it is a suitable option only for the reception room.

We advise you to always keep the area of the salon and workstations well lit. It may be tempting to want dramatic lighting, but it’s not practical. One solution is to have supplemental dramatic lighting when the main lights are off or dim. Once you’ve finished a look for a client, allow them to be seen in both normal and dramatic lighting.

Choose quality and trustworthy manufacturers

The last thing you want when buying salon furniture is to be disappointed with the quality of the materials or its mechanical devices. Choosing a company that offers you a guarantee that the furniture you want is of quality, will remain in good condition while you use it, and that it will respond to any unforeseen event, giving you security in decision-making. Consulting the manufacturer’s and dealer’s websites, social media profiles, and Google reviews can guide you in this decision-making.

On the other hand, guarantees are essential. We, at MIRPLAY SALON, offer a 2-year guarantee and since we are manufacturers, we do our own quality control. We can carry out the preparation and dispatch of your order in 24 hours thanks to the fact that we have a large stock of spare parts.

Prepare the reception

When looking to furnish your reception area or waiting area, a good thing to do is to imagine this area with the maximum possible capacity. Are all customers comfortable while they wait? How could you improve their comfort?

When choosing the furniture to sit on and wait, the image, comfort and optimization of the space are being worked on, all of them areas that which will not be profitable with the work. This balance is achieved by choosing pieces such as sofas, for people who come together, and chairs or armchairs for those who come alone.

Having a fountain of water or a coffee maker, sweets and devices or styling magazines in this area is a great idea to liven up the wait.

Here you will see furniture for reception areas of different styles, that adapt to your business

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