Happy hairdressing day!

Did you know that International Hairdressing Day is celebrated around the world on August 25? It may seem strange, but stop and think about it, how would your hair look without your trusted hairdresser?

To find the origin of this day you have to travel to 13th century France. At that time, this profession was only suitable for commoners. But Louis IX, who ruled from 1261 to 1270, was so satisfied with his hairdresser’s work that he declared him a free man, giving him the same status as doctors or knights. In fact, he handed her a rapier so she could wear the distinction.

27 years after the king’s death he was sanctified. That was August 25, 1297. That is why today, just as he recognized his hairdresser, we all congratulate the artists who work in hair salons and barbershops.

Besides, do you know everything the hairdressers of the time did? They took care of and dyed the hair, made wigs if necessary, shaved and also left perfect nails. But not only that, they also extracted teeth or did some minor surgeries (ouch!). Of course, only men, because it was forbidden for a man to be a hairdresser for a woman. It was not until 1649 that the guild of barbers, bathers and hairdressers of Paris was created, who distinguished themselves from the barber surgeons.

Returning to the present day, this day is celebrated in some countries with competitions to recognize the best hairdressers. But the truth is that everyone deserves a prize for making us look good and treating us with such affection! Happy hairdressing day everyone!

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