How to make your hair or beauty salon stand out

With strong competition and a high volume of well-established hair salons in most areas, owners and managers are always looking for ways to attract more customers. The key to achieving this is simply to differentiate yourself from the others, but turning that aspiration into reality is not always easy. To set yourself apart from the competition, your salon must have a unique selling proposition (USP). A differential benefit that distinguishes it from the rest. This unique proposal should be clear and obvious to customers, so they can easily understand what your offering does best against all the other alternatives they are likely to have access to in their area. For example, an organic proposal could be a differential option. A salon where products, materials and values are ecological. Or a proposal based on comfort and on creating a space and a service that prioritises comfort at all times, with furniture and service protocols to provide it.

Focus on the customer experience

One of the most effective ways to make your salon stand out is to consistently deliver exceptional experiences to customers.
It’s important to remember that even if customers decide to come to your salon for one of your stylists, it’s the overall experience that will get them back. So, if your salon constantly improves and updates the customer experience, you will end up being noticed.
To do this, it is key to make customers feel comfortable during the treatment process. These are our recommendations:
  • Listen to the customers and what they want.
  • Update your  styling and waiting chairs to make them more ergonomic.
  • Add footrests designed for hairdressers to improve the posture of customers.
  • Offer comforting drinks such as tea or coffee and enable pleasant waiting areas.

Create a stylish salon aesthetic

Creating a pleasant aesthetic environment continues to be an important factor in customers’ choice when going to a hair salon. It is the moment in which they seek to feel cared for and at ease. You need design to communicate the history of your business, who you are and what you do. Having an image that is unique and that sets you apart from the competition is a visual way to reflect your personality and convey the style of your business. This can be achieved through the decoration of your salon. Choosing different and unique pieces that stay true to your personality will create a memorable experience for your customers.

Update the decoration of the reception or waiting area

When customers walk into your hair or beauty salon, the reception and waiting area is probably their first contact with your brand. Taking care of this passage space with new furniture and peculiar pieces that harmonize with the interior design of your salon is key.

Use appropriate storage solutions

With plenty of tools and products scattered around the salon, and stylists picking things up when they need them, it’s easy for your salon to quickly get a little messy. Trolleys allow to store salon accessories and can be easily moved so that tools and products are always at hand.  

Choose a suitable uniform

Un uniforme no sólo es muy práctico, ya que evita que la ropa se estropee con los químicos y materiales utilizados para los tratamientos, también hace que los estilistas y todo el equipo de tu salón hablen de él y se sientan parte fundamental del proyecto.  El uniforme también puede ser un elemento diferenciador, signo de identidad y personalidad y también ayuda a identificar al personal en caso de que algún cliente necesite ayuda.  

Spread your new salon design

Once you have brought your new ideas to life, let everybody know! Use all the channels at your fingertips to spread the word. Send your customers emails, text messages and promote yourself on social media. Offering your customers and followers a virtual tour by taking videos and photos of your new salon and posting them online is a great platform and an effective customer acquisition tool.

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