How to make the most of your barbershop space

Efficiency and space optimization go hand in hand. But it is also true that a memorable experience sometimes has little to do with efficiency as it is more about perceptions and sensations. 

But let’s imagine making the most of a small space. Imagine it. At first glance this space may seem perfect, right? But, it may not be as perfect as we think; in fact, there are probably a few things we could change to start boosting its efficiency.  

If your salon already runs smoothly, maintains a good workflow and provides the best possible experience for your customers, this article probably won’t give you much valuable information.

But if you think it could work a 1% percent more effectively, you might want to read on! 


Here are the best tips for getting the most out of your barbershop:


  1. Take a multi-functional approach

If you can create multi-purpose areas, do it! Keep in mind that your styling units can also have product storage space and be attention-grabbing displays. You should also be aware that they can include a hair washing basin. This way all the treatments can be done in the same work area.


  1. But opt for multi-functional and multi-purpose when you can and when it works

As a note, don’t sacrifice workflow and functionality just to make things compact: if you can find the balance between functionality and multi-purpose, that’s the idea! Not everything works for every space.

Study well the service you want to offer and the different customer profiles you have. The experience you offer does not have to be the same for everyone.


  1. Be realistic about your space

Take a good look around your space: be reasonable and practical. We’re not saying don’t dream big, we’re saying be realistic about the space you’re working in. Customer perception is very important. Once you are clear about the feel and the experience you want to offer, it will be easier for you to create a space that is efficient and helps you build your brand with consistency.


  1. For decoration, less is more 

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t decorate or try to create a personal style, but if you’re short of square metres, we advise you not to overload the room. How can you decorate without taking up space on the floor?


The secret is in the walls. Move from plant-based decoration to the decoration and functionality that walls provide to make the most of the space without obstructing. 


Usability with design


We could talk endlessly about the importance of good perception and a pleasant aesthetic experience, but an interior design is really good when it doesn’t prioritise appearance over comfort and functionality. 

Being clear about the workstations and their layout to create a coherent and efficient flow in the room is the first step. Then, with the functionalities clear, it is easier to choose for the aesthetics of the design that already fulfils them. As well as taking care of the small details that will help create the setting you dream of.

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