We will agree that taking care of our look makes us feel good. All of us.

Having our hair dyed, making an appointment with our hairdresser or going to our barbershop, even if it’s just for a slight beard trim, are small gestures that make us feel mysteriously good. Indeed, self-care moments are more than just a cosmetic inspection.

Actually, some studies conclude that our hair’s condition (beard included) has positive psychological consequences. Taking care of it improves self-esteem and release stress. Taking into account its importance –beyond aesthetics-, the extension of the HAIR SPA concept to hairdressing salons and barber shops makes perfect sense.

As nowadays hairdressing salons and barber shops are becoming more and more sophisticated to offer a remarkable and different experience to their customers, it is not strange that the relevance of hair spas increases.

Our hair expert not only sculpts our hair or beard smoothly just for the sake of momentary satisfaction, no. We always expect to get the most out of our appointment with a stylist:  a healthy, shiny, supple and soft hair which makes our face look beautiful, updates our global look, makes our daily life easier and helps us get a perfect look from home in record time.

When we go to the hairdressing salon or barber shop of our preference, we get out bright and happy after our stylist advises and pimpers us with all sorts of treatments to provide us with that magnificent look (trim, dye, streaks, etc…), but washing our hair at home.., that’s a completely different story, as most of the time it ends up not looking as good as when just leaving the salon.

Hence the importance of choosing quality. We should choose products which help us  treat, nourish and take care of our hair instead of those that provide an spectacular outcome which is purely cosmetic and that won’t last. We the users are more aware than ever of the importance that the expert advice regarding daily use products has. And so are the professionals.

The formula for success: 80/20

We have understood that a shiny and healthy hair is 80% of the work, then we can go for a fresh trim and a nice colour and we will get to 100%.

This is why hair care before trimming or dyeing it is so important. The Hair Spa experience aims for hair’s health and beauty by treating those conditions that make our hair look not so good and supple, such as tousled of frizzy hair, dullness or the lack of volume that damaged, dry or brittle hair can show.

Having the best partner in the salon, working with quality products with active ingredients that penetrate the cortex of the hair, listening to the clients and studying their real needs in detail, a thorough analysis of their hair and scalp conditions, figuring out their hair care daily routines and talking about the products they use allow for a deeper care and better long- term better results.

Beyond the usual cut and style offer, hairdressing salons offer a wide range of treatments: hair-lifts, nano-nutritions, vitamin treatments, hair cauterization, botox treatments for fast recoveries and antiaging treatments. All this has changed the user experience

The comfort provided by the space during the care process is also crucial in terms of user experience. Expert hands and quality products are key, for sure, but concepts such as ergonomics, privacy, acoustics, lighting or scents are decisive for a completely succesful experience.

Getting the customer not only to come, but also to come back.

Aesthetically designed and ergonomic furniture not only benefits the health of customers and professionals, it also helps to make the experience comfortable and 100% healthy.

Hair-washing areas, styling chairs, waiting armchairs, beds, barber  chairs, acoustic panels, anti-fatigue mats… A well-chosen design basis is a great foundation for the business, the user experience and the worker’s comfort.

Indeed, looking beyond takes us further. Turning a “bad hair day” into a “good hair day” is relatively simple. Championing and becoming a flag bearer of a certain way of self-care, understood from an experiential point of view and from dedication to service lead us to build loyalty not only from customers, but also from the team.

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