Another undesired effect of covid-10: Hair Loss?

It might seem frivolous to give space to this collateral effect of suffering a COVID infection, but now that we see that, despite being still immersed in this virus tyranny, mortality is not as fierce as in 2020, it is logical to fear for other consequences beyond life.

If anything has been learnt, it is to expect the unexpected. And it is no longer surprising that, months after getting over COVID-19, many people discover they lose hair at an alarming rate.

Until recently, the most common reasons for hair loss included:

-Hormonal changes

-Underlying health issues

-Vitamin and nutrient deficiency

-Consumption of certain medicines


Now we can include COVID as one of the main responsible for the most common of “hair terrors”. The most affected are women, whose hair falls out uncontrollably when washing or combing it.

Temporary hair loss is normal after a fever or disease.

The reason is not a mystery: fever is a common COVID-19 symptom, and within two or three months after getting over a disease, many people usually suffer from noticeable hair loss.

The body is a perfect machine. When exposed to extreme conditions, it devotes all its resources to the most important physiological functions. It focuses on healing and repairing itself, and not on hair growth.

The interpretation of this post-infection hair loss may be positive: immune system working properly. Anyway, we may also want to help our organism to regenerate or balance this loss.

Stress can cause temporary hair loss.

Emotional stress may also increase hair loss beyond what we would consider normal.

Raise your hand if you haven’t felt anxious since the pandemic began! Therefore, hair loss due to stress, which also starts two or three months after an anxiety episode, adds to the immune system’s battle.

Balance usually restores itself.

When hair loss is caused by fever, illness or stress, the growth process tends to be restored. It only takes a little time and extra help such as a vitamin complex or a local lotion since, after suffering the virus effects, the body welcomes any extra help to regain balance. In this article we discuss the possible reasons and delve into possible solutions.

Hair health and beauty professionals can efficiently advise on adjuvant products.

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