7 tips for furniture to last longer and in better condition

One of the biggest investments when setting up or renovating a salon is the equipment and furniture, hands down. One can optimize this investment, provided that the furniture is aligned with the branding of the business, by keeping the equipment in perfect operating condition for as long as possible. In this article we explore seven tips for maintaining your salon equipment for the long term.


Lower the chair at the end of the day

Many customers sit in cutting or barber chairs throughout the day, which can strain the hydraulics. It is wise to get in the habit of lowering the chairs after each service to relieve the pressure before a new client sits.


Chair base lubrication

Lubricating the hydraulic base and seals a few times a week is very beneficial. The lubricant keeps the components of the chair in good working order, since the first few inches of elevation are the most used during an appointment.


Perform routine reviews

Areas that receive high traffic and heavy use, such as washing stations and cutting chairs, should have routine checks focused on looking for loose screws, bolts and hoses. Surprisingly, a loose part that goes unnoticed can make a significant difference in the operation of the equipment.


Wash station cleaning

Hair mixed with products and dyes often accumulates in washing stations. Over time, the traps will collect hair, which will lead to buildup in them. Cleaning the shampoo traps after each wash is vital to prevent clogging that can damage the pipes.


Cleaning after each service

Some services may generate more waste than others, such as hair treatments and color touch-ups. Hair dye can be incredibly corrosive to chairs and can ruin the integrity and look of the equipment. After each color service, remember to wipe the upholstery with a damp sponge or cloth to quickly clean any debris that may have fallen on it.

Tool Cleaning

Tools such as scissors and combs should be disinfected after each service, as this not only cleans the equipment, but also prevents the transfer of bacteria between clients.


Clean and disinfect the basins after each service

Foot baths and pedicure stations should also be emptied, cleaned, and sanitized between each service to prevent the transmission of bacteria. Cleaning and emptying the foot baths also prevents any residue from damaging the equipment.

Long-term maintenance of salon equipment not only benefits the tools stylists use, but also has a positive effect on stylists, clients, and their budget. By following some of these tips, your equipment can run more efficiently for longer.

Choosing furniture that takes design details into account for the most efficient maintenance possible helps to optimize an investment that can have an impact on the profitability of the business. At Mirplay Salon we make our designs with this aspect as the key to success. That is why our proposals for styling units with a sink have protective glass tops and are made with durable and easy-to-clean materials.

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