6 benefits of investing in quality hairdressing chairs

When clients get into your salon, the first thing they perceive is the environment and how it makes them feel. So the interior of the premises is the business card and there is one thing that all areas of your business have in common: chairs.

We all agree that your chairs and styling units, apart from looking good, must be comfortable for your clients and also for the stylists. Investing in low-quality seats can jeopardise what should be a very good experience for everyone.

Here are six benefits of investing in quality chairs that we should all consider.

Better functionality

The stylist is also the protagonist. Your stylists come to your business every day to diligently perform their duties and make people feel their best. A chair that lacks hydraulic swivel and tilt has no place in a salon and makes cutting and styling more difficult to execute.


Maximum comfort

Your customers remain seated in chairs for most of their visit, so providing them with adequate and comfortable seating is essential. A high-quality cutting chair should have a smooth and ergonomic design that can be adapted in size and height to all your clients during their appointment. An enveloping seat and being able to rest your feet, head and arms comfortably is essential.



High-quality chairs have a guarantee that ensures their repair and replacement in the event of a breakdown or failure. It is important to verify at the reception that everything is in order and to unpack properly to be able to claim for any unforeseen event. That is why it is very important to have a trusted distributor who works with renowned brands.

Luxurious setting

Think about it: high quality furniture is synonymous with higher standards of service and luxury. Your customers can walk into your business and immediately feel a sense of luxury when sitting in one of your chairs.

Better customer experience

Of course, you offer the best, with the client always in mind. A better customer experience in a chair can encourage customers to want to return, thus achieving one of the greatest achievements in a business: loyalty.

Investing in quality salon chairs has many benefits for your clients, stylists and you as the owner as well. This does not mean having to break your budget; just ask your trusted dealer for quality seats and MS Formula equipment. Being manufacturers and having a large warehouse allows us to serve with great speed and guarantees. You can see all our proposals in the new catalogue.


Fewer substitutions

Although it helps to have a warranty included with your chair purchase, high-quality chairs and stations rarely need to be replaced. Quality cutting chairs are resistant furniture capable of withstanding demanding daily use, as well as routine maintenance that prolongs their use.

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