5 ways to maximize the efficiency of your salon or barbershop

Great news is that people are always going to need their hair, nails or beards fixed. Taking care of personal appearance is a service that seems to have no end as long as there is humanity. It’s a good starting point to take care of meeting those needs. But, over time, the same dynamics can seem slow and ineffective. Here are some of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your salon and get your business up and running.


  1. Digitize your business: enable online reservations

Many salon owners find that their staff spends much of the day taking calls, manually booking appointments, rescheduling, and calling clients to confirm. It’s an important aspect of your service, but it can be made more efficient. By moving to an online booking system, you’ll free up your team’s time and make it more convenient for clients to manage their own appointments.

You can also incorporate appointment reminder software that automatically contacts clients to schedule their next appointment. If a client cannot make it, this digital system will encourage them to reschedule so they can offer time to another client and reduce losses caused by no-shows.


  1. Buy quality and durable equipment

Whether you own a salon or just buy something for your home, it’s easy for cheaper items to appeal to you. However, the problem with cheaper items is that they need to be replaced more often. The more expensive item will be more profitable in the long run, since you won’t have to replace it and it will look better for longer. The equipment you use should be an investment. In addition, a well-designed and efficient workstation undoubtedly helps your salon to better monetize each service.

It is also important not to lose sight of the fact that investing in decoration and equipment is also investing in image. Everyone likes to be treated in harmonious, beautiful and comfortable spaces to receive good service.

Apart from aesthetics, at Mirplay Salon we highly value ergonomics and the use of each of the designs we make. For example, the CHARLS full-tilt washing unit  provides great comfort for the client and physical comfort for the stylist, who can wash sitting or standing, as preferred.


  1. Form and set clear expectations

Everyone in your salon should know what to expect from the services offered in it. You want clients to know what they are getting when they walk into your salon. To do this, you must be consistent. If you have clear rules for your staff, your salon will be more efficient. Customers will also come back because they know they’ll receive high-quality treatment every time.


  1. Keep your salon tidy and organized

Obvious as this may sound, you can find great allies int this regard. Furniture that helps to organize and provide assistance, such as trolleys, showcases and styling units with shelves, are a choice that can enhance harmony in the space. Details such as the hooks to hang the appliances, the extendable trays, the anti-hair wheels and the finishes that protect the surfaces are concepts to take into account for a good choice.

The CATTY hair vacuum cleaner is the perfect assistant for an ideal, fast and comfortable cleaning that helps you keep your space impeccable.


  1. Encourage your clients to book in advance

Inviting to make the next appointment before saying goodbye can greatly improve the churn rate of loyal customers and retain new ones.

If clients are currently left to call the salon when they want another appointment, they will probably leave the reservation until the last minute. This makes it less likely that they will be able to book a convenient appointment and risks having to make an appointment elsewhere. Consider offering a discount to customers who book their next appointment before leaving, it is certainly a great incentive and a good loyalty tool.

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