5 tips to create a nice hair salon or barber shop

¿Uno de tus propósitos para el 2018 es renovar o abrir tu propia peluquería? No hace falta hacer una gran inversión para que se convierta en el local de tus sueños y de una impresión de lo más profesional. Te proponemos cinco pasos a seguir para que el resultado sea una peluquería, barbería o salón de belleza de primera.

Is renovating or opening you own salon one of your new year resolutions? There’s no need to make a huge investment to make it the place of your dreams with a professional appearance. We propose five steps to follow so you’re left with an amazing hair salon, barbershop or beauty salon.

Write your goals

Before you start you should write your goals so the process doesn’t become such a mess. How much money do you want to spend? What sensations do you want clients to feel inside the venue? What elements are essential? How would you like to distribute the furniture? Think about all those questions and many more to have an initial idea. From there, you will be able to build a cozy and comfortable space for you and your customers.

Make sure the space makes people feel good

Customers want a wellness space, so you must meet that requirement. Also, consider what sensations you want to provoke in everyone who enters your premises. The first impression is usually based on the aesthetics of the environment, no matter how friendly you are or the good prices you offer.

Aesthetics is very important for this type of business, that’s no secret. Before you start choosing how the furniture, the floor or the walls will look, you have to decide what ambience you want the place to have. It is not the same to create a salon with an urban, romantic or vintage feel.

Un salón alegre y moderno con mobiliario Mirplay


Be aware of the importance of lighting and colours

A couple of crucial elements in the customer’s first impression are the lighting and the colors of the walls. A space with the same distribution and hairdressing furniture can change radically just by changing the type of lighting and painting. It is very important to make the most of natural light, you will also appreciate it when paying the electricity bill.

Regarding colors, neutral and luminous colors are the most effective. It is often scary to create dark areas. They have the risk of giving a feeling of sadness and pessimism. But adding browns or dark grays in small touches can give an appearance of elegance. Of course, remember to use adequate lighting and compensate with clearer areas to have a balanced space.

Un ejemplo de salón elegante con una pared oscura


Consider the industry trends

The world of fashion and beauty is governed by trends. So, why not take into account the trends in interior design for your beauty salon? For example, barbers with a vintage look are on the agenda. For this reason, at Mirplay Salon we are creating a line of vintage furniture for barbershops. In hairdressing salons, the use of velvet in waiting chairs and brass taps is also widely used to give a sophisticated touch. If you do not want to make a huge reform, just make small changes in the furniture or decoration to give a renewed look to your place.

Add details that say something about you

Last but not least, add your decorative touches to the space. Hairdressing is a creative work, so customers will appreciate finding details that speak of the artist behind the scissors. For example, you can choose an original carpet and cushions for the waiting area. The decoration of the walls will also give you a lot of freedom to add a personal touch that makes your clients feel at home.

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