5 tips for designing the salon of your dreams

Starting a business requires energy, time and financial investment. Therefore, when you decide to create a beauty centre, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. There are many aspects to consider: from the distribution of the space to the interior design schemes, the price list and the products that will be displayed and sold, the protocols that will make the service a unique experience… But it is important to remember that it is up to us the way in which we live this experience of entrepreneurship. Here are some tips that can help you live it with more security and peace of mind: 


1. Lean on the space of your salon

There are hundreds of ways to decorate the interior of your beauty centre. Instead of reconsidering everything and starting from scratch, take advantage of what you already have and optimise your resources. For example, if you have visible ducts, opting for an industrial style will give it a lot of personality. If your walls or floors are made of concrete, give your salon a garage air, an underground touch. 

The choice of furniture is key for this idea to take shape. Just choose the furniture that represents the style you have chosen. These collections, for example, respond to these different styles:

  • Industrial or underground: Garage Collection
  • Vintage: William Collection


2. Maintain Cohesion

Once you have chosen a style, it is very important to stay consistent in your choices of finishes, details and furniture. The key is for the whole design of your centre to look cohesive. For example, if you think you would like a simple and elegant entrance, the different areas of your salon should match. 

If the waiting area is decorated in black and white, follow the same pattern throughout the space. Coherence brings confidence and a sense of comfort. 


3. Play with mirrors

All customers are going to be sitting in front of a mirror at some point, so it’s important to choose them knowing what they’re going to convey. 

Large mirrors will make your space look bigger and more open, while individual mirrors will make every spot feel more intimate. 

If you choose them framed you will get a more homely aesthetic and if you opt for raw mirrors you will get a more elegant look. When placing your mirrors, be sure to keep lighting in mind. 


These are our favourites.

 4. Create the perfect lighting

One of the most important elements of your salon is light. Natural light is always preferable, but not all spaces have large windows. So, if you have windows, great! Use them and organise your space so that all areas can benefit from sunlight. But if that’s not the case, there are other ways to brighten up your space.

When choosing the light for your salon, keep in mind that the main goal is to make your client look good. For a more flattering light, choose warm rather than cold bulbs, and when placing lamps, make sure that the shadows do not overlap with where your customer will sit. 



5. Devil is in the details

Everything that goes into your salon is important. From the distribution of the space to the colours of the walls, through the way of showing the products. Every detail builds your brand, so it’s best to show off in the details. Things as simple as making sure the towels match, that the products are well displayed, neatly placed, or that display cases are uniform makes all the difference. 


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