5 simple changes to have an environmentally friendly barbershop

We are all increasingly aware of sustainable business attitudes and decisions, but sometimes the ecological options are overwhelming, especially when we want to apply them to the entire barbershop.

But the truth is that opting for a more environmentally friendly barber shop does not always require a lot of effort or an “all or nothing” approach.

Sometimes it takes just a little to make a big difference. But there’s one important detail about running a business that’s respectful of the environment: it’s not a long-distance race. Think of your eco-friendly business like a marathon, requiring small but consistent efforts every step of the way.

It is more about perseverance, than of a coup d’état that is difficult to sustain.


Don’t leave hot tools on

We know what you’re thinking, but sometimes it’s that easy, no mystery: turn off the hot tools!

It’s as simple as going one step further and unplugging hot tools when you’re not using them. Why? Because even though you’re not using the hot tool plugged in, it still draws a small amount of power. And all that energy is not going anywhere, that is, it is wasted. This small change can make a big difference.

Ultimately, what you decide to do in terms of sustainability is up to you and your company. But if you want to make your barbershop more sustainable, you should know that you don’t have to change everything in your business to make a substantial difference. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes, like turning off tools or drying your laundry, that make all the difference.


Swap out wasteful faucets for sustainable ones

Being a smart business owner also means being a smart consumer. Think about it: you also have to buy supplies and products for your hair salon, right? You can’t just offer sustainable products in your store for your customers to buy, you also have to use them. This is a very efficient and agile way to give priority to the Earth in your store. You may not be able to make a complete change (it probably won’t be cheap), but changing a few products in the beginning can set a path for change.

The faucets that come with our washing unit designs are saving faucets that have an air injection system to reduce consumption without impairing the sensation of water pressure.


Focus on a carbon neutral approach

If you can’t radically change the focus of your carbon footprint, you can try to nullify its impact. How? Opting for a carbon neutral strategy. How to get it? First of all, do the math and we advise you to take into account the following points:

Buy sustainable products in bulk

Eliminate single-use packaging

Carry out an energy audit

Change traditional bulbs for LED bulbs

Buying furniture or products that are delivered flat-packed helps reduce your carbon footprint while lowering the cost of shipping. Mirplay Salon has opted for this strategy.


Air dry clothes

If you’re not willing to sacrifice your time washing everything by hand, it might be worth considering just changing the way you dry your towels. On nice sunny days, turn off the dryer and hang up the clothes you just got out of the washer. Reserve the dryer for when you need new towels, for example, as soon as possible.

And if you have outsourced this service, make sure that the supplying company shares your same values.

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