5 reasons why hair stops growing

Do you try to get an extra-long hair but have the feeling that the hair stops growing at a certain point? Behind hair growth there are many factors. Keep reading if you’re asking yourself “why doesn’t my hair grow?”

5 reasons why hair stops growing

1. Dyes and chemical treatments

If you dye your hair regularly or apply treatments as permanents, you must be careful. Exposing hair to chemicals dyes contain, some keratins and other treatments causes hair to lose its natural oils. In addition, its repeated use can lift the cuticle, causing the hair to lose shine, curl and break more easily. Therefore, the hair ends up breaking before reaching a certain length if you abuse it with many chemical treatments.

2. Too much heat exposure

Another external aggression that can damage the hair is the heat. If you are trying to get an extra-long hair it is best to minimize the use of the hairdryer, irons or tools to mold the hair with heat. There are ways to get some nice curls without the need for a curler. For example, you can make several braids before you sleep and the next day your hair will have a beautiful shape when you undo them.

If you want to use heat to mold your hair occasionally, it is important to apply a good heat protector.

3. Lack of hair care

Lack of haircare can affect growth. Don’t think that the best way to get your hair to grow is not to step on a hair salon for months. It is advisable to heal the split ends every 8 weeks approximately.

The rush in the hair care routine can also be tricky. It is important to brush your hair every day, especially before you wash your hair. The goal is to undo the tangles, starting always by the tips and rising progressively. Then you should devote a few minutes to wash the hair massaging the scalp well, apply a nourishing mask and let it act for about 5 minutes. Finally, it is better to let the hair dry in the air instead of leaving it for a long time wrapped with a turban towel.

4. Diet

They say that beauty begins on the inside. And it’s totally true! For the scalp to be well nourished, it is advisable to have a diet rich in the following nutrients:

  • Iron: Found in green leafy vegetables and dry fruits.
  • Zinc: Pork and beef are loaded with zinc.
  • Vitamin B: Eating legumes, salmon and sardines provides a lot of vitamin B./li>

5. Genetics and age

Like the whole body, hair growth is determined by genetics. Each person has a different DNA and the hair growth cycle can vary between 2 and 6 years. No matter how well you treat your hair, that time cannot be extended. Once it stops growing, the hair will break or fall.

Over the years, this cycle of hair growth tends to shorten. After many years of dying or ironing the hair will become drier, thinner and will stop growing more easily.

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