5 ideas to decorate your barbershop

Ideas para decorar tu barbería

For some time now, barbershops have managed to attract the male public again and recover the ancient tradition of the meticulous arrangement of long and well-groomed beards. This popularity has revived the idea of elegant and stylish masculinity. Men also like to take care of themselves and their style. So, if you’re thinking about opening a barber shop or would like to change and renovate your workplace, today we bring you 5 ideas to make your space fashionable and create a trend in your barbershop.
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1. Minimalist

This type of barbershop is characterized by its fine straight lines and neutral materials. It offers your customers, or future customers, a clear space and an atmosphere with balance and harmony. It should be an elegant corner, with little furniture and you should give great importance to the shapes of the space to provide that desired elegance and style.

Barbería industrial2. Industrial

The 19th century is back. If you lack ideas to decorate your space, you can’t go wrong with a classic industrial style. Characterized by its robust materials, its reclaimed wood and forged steel are essential. Metal lamps and dark wood flooring will take your space back in time. Accompany the atmosphere with barber chairs from that era upholstered in leather and the Chester sofas.

3. Rocker

This style is very similar to industrial. Raw brick walls, upholstered barber chairs and straight dark wood furniture are some of the features that make it a unique and beloved style. In addition, this style incorporates distinctive elements such as decorations with skulls or classic motorcycles.

4. Contemporary

They are styles in which you can appreciate a decoration marked by an urban style with identity. It is formed by straight and simple furniture. The key is the balance between white tiles and a touch of colour to detract from the seriousness of the environment. In this style you can incorporate accessories and material as diverse as a neon light or designer chairs for your waiting room. In this case, classic barber chairs with black or brown upholstery are essential.


5. Eclectic

The combination is the key. It is a style characterized by the combination of elements from different eras to create a varied and original atmosphere. Try to combine different influences to achieve an aesthetic end result. It stands out for its versatility as there are no rules to achieve the style. A good trick is to combine modern furniture with more classic ones, but with similar colours so as not to break the harmony of the space.

We hope we helped you decorate your barbershop! See you at the next blog!

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