4 tips for the good maintenance of your barber chairs

Barber chairs are one of the biggest investments in the business and see heavy use for many hours a week. This constant use requires an adequate level of maintenance to keep them looking in their best condition for as long as possible. Next, we give you 4 basic ideas so that you can get the most out of it.


Periodic reviews

Regular checks can prevent great evils. If you regularly check the different parts of your lounge chairs, you can make sure that they are working correctly and that more rough use than normal would not damage them.

For example, it would be the case of testing the hydraulic pump to make sure that the chair can go up and down without difficulty. We recommend that, once a day, you raise the chair to its maximum height and let it go down so that it stays lubricated and avoids any clogging.

In addition to reviewing the pieces that come standard, you can improve their comfort and performance with accessories that both facilitate the comfort of the client and the work and body posture of the stylist.


Check the warranty of your armchairs

Many times, with the day to day of the business, we forget about the advantages that our distributors give us. Check if you have a guarantee from your suppliers for the maintenance of your material, to be able to replace any part that you have in poor condition for free.


Regular cleaning

The third tip for maintaining salon chairs is regular cleaning. Each client who goes to a hairdressing appointment sits in a cutting chair, so it is essential to clean and disinfect them between clients. You must make sure to clean any excess hair and product residue to ensure the well-being of the clientele but also to prevent damage to the upholstery, hydraulic pumps or chair trim.


Put down the chairs

The fourth tip for the maintenance of the chairs in your living room is to lower them to their maximum. Constantly adjusting chairs for clients can put a strain on your pumps. Therefore, when your chair is not in use, we advise you to always lower it to its base height. By following this practice, the chair can rest from the stress and weight exerted on it throughout the day.

With our designs, in addition to beauty and functionality, we seek to ensure that the furniture lasts as long as possible and in the best conditions, but good maintenance, as well as good use, are decisive in the life of each piece of furniture.

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