3 things to look for in a cutting chair before buying it

When opening a barbershop, all kinds of supplies and equipment are needed. Barber chairs are one of the most essential and perhaps the most emblematic that you will have in your store. Knowing what qualities a chair should have can be very useful before deciding which model to invest in. So here are three key ideas to look for in a barber chair before buying one.


Style of the barber chair

The first thing to look for in a barber chair is style. When setting up your barbershop, you probably have a design style or aesthetic in mind, and you’ll want your chairs to fit with it. The cutting chair is to a barbershop like the stretcher to the physiotherapist or the desk to school: the symbol of your trade.

If the style you want for your barbershop is the American old school that has been so recreated in recent years, you may want to choose a vintage-inspired barber chair. There are several emblematic designs that have been versioned, maintaining the style of the 20th century but incorporating the comforts of the most avant-garde design.

Apart from incorporating these updated features, such as hydraulic pumps to facilitate movement, ergonomic and adjustable footrests and headrests, hooks and elements to facilitate work, it is also important to take materials and finishes into account. A barber chair is an important piece that will have a lot of daily use, that will be in contact with products and liquids and that must hold up well over time.

Undoubtedly, the vintage style has returned visibility and spectacularity to this job, but now modern and avant-garde interior design is making its way with rooms with a lot of personality. Choosing some chairs with a more contemporary line would be indicated in this case.

To make your search easier, we leave you here our favorites:


Features and quality of the chair

Going into detail, the characteristics and benefits are the next thing to take into account when buying a barber chair. Barber chairs come with all sorts of features and elements that can enhance the comfort and experience for both the client and the stylist.

For example, there are chairs with footrests, headrests, hydraulic pumps, backrest tilt levers, etc. Given this offer, it is important to remember that clients do not all have the same size and that a barber chair that allows adjustment to the size and height of each client will ensure their comfort.

But it is not only the clients that must be taken into account when choosing a barber chair, the needs of the stylists who are going to work with them must also be taken into account. Your barbers and stylists need to be able to access clients and all chair functions with ease.

This is our most complete barber chair: CLINT BR


Guarantee and additional services

Guarantee is the third thing to look for when choosing the best salon chairs for your salon. A guarantee is vital because it ensures that a manufacturer will repair or replace a product if a defect occurs.

Pricing a high-quality chair that will last a long time is the most sensible thing to do, and manufacturers who offer warranties on their products tend to be more reliable. Mirplay offers a 2-year guarantee on all its products, of course, also on its armchairs, one of the best in the industry. This guarantee ensures that you purchase a high-quality chair and that you will get the necessary repair or replacement in the event of an unforeseen event.


Look for a bonus

There are some features that we could say are not vital, but they make a difference. For example, being able to personalize the chosen model with a personalized upholstery color or incorporating the business logo so that the piece is entirely corporate. At Mirplay we offer a personalized upholstery service with a palette of 19 colours that give a lot of play.

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