10 design ideas to improve your hair salon or barber shop

If you are thinking of opening a hair salon or a barber shop, it is important that you aim to create a brand that attracts customers. The right design can go a long way in building your business and also creating the perfect customer experience. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the aesthetics of your premises, well worked and well cared for, can make customers feel relaxed, welcome and even more enthusiastic about their haircut.

When choosing interior design, you must first choose a style, vintage, industrial, modern, etc. and then think about the elements that will allow you to shape it: the furniture, the lighting, the accessories, the floor and the walls. Everything communicates!

The size of the premises and its layout are a crucial feature to take into account. Some interior design ideas are better suited to small spaces where function and style must be combined, while other interior design proposals need ample space to fully develop.


Decorating style

There are endless options when it comes to possible designs. But the most iconic design, the one that is part of the common imagination, is the room that has vintage-style chrome hydraulic chairs, a checkerboard floor and with the classic barber pole with red, white and blue stripes on the facade.

A stylist who intends to offer a traditional experience must get his design choices to communicate precisely that. It is important to create consistency for a better experience. If this is the idea, designing the room as a replica of the old style is a great choice; slightly updating the decor, combining traditional and modern elements, allows you to create a more personalised and balanced environment.

Keeping in mind the target audience and the type of experience you want to provide is the key. You can create a completely customised barber theme that elevates the customer experience. For example, a barber shop specializing in beard care could lean towards rustic building materials and garage style so akin to the hipster style. A high-end business and customer-oriented barber shop could work in a sleek and modern style.

It’s clear that an initial investment in interior design can help increase the likelihood of your business succeeding.


Barber and styling chairs

The most important part of the customer experience takes place in the chair, so your choice will be one of the key points in the interior design style of the venue.
Do not forget that it is not just a piece of furniture, a chair is a work tool and, as in any profession, it is crucial to invest in quality tools.

We must keep in mind that a chair must be comfortable for both the client and the stylist. Styling and barber chairs usually have a hydraulic system so that the stylist can adjust them to the height that offers the best angle to work. Also, if you plan to offer hot towel razor shaving or beard grooming services, you’ll want chairs that lean back.

Barber and styling chairs are available in a variety of styles and qualities. The most popular colour combinations are black and gold, red and white, black and silver, and dark brown and tan, and you can also customize your chair to fit your preferences.

Here is the link to an article where we presented our favourite chairs.

Barber Pole

Barber poles are hands down the most emblematic element of the exterior design of barbershops. Its use dates back to the time when barbers performed minor surgeries in addition to cutting hair and trimming beards. The original colour scheme of a barber pole used to represent blood (red), bandages (white), and veins (blue).



Signage on the facade

The sign is usually the first impression a customer gets from a business. Although it is only a small element of the decoration, it should stand out as a strong representation of the brand and the experience it offers. Everything from the design to the font and logo should be thoughtfully thought out and in line with the interior decoration.

A classic barber shop may have a vintage-inspired sign, while a fashionable urban one may have a graffiti-inspired one. A barber shop offering beard care services can also incorporate a graphic image of a bearded man into its logo. These are all excellent examples of how a sign can improve the decoration of the space.


Wall colour and decor

When a stylist has decided on the decorating style, he or she should select the wall colours and the decorative accents that will complement or emphasize the chosen style. It is important that every aspect of the room, from the colour palette, to the lighting to every piece of furniture, builds on the theme and helps build the customer experience.


Reception desks and display cabinets

A haircut or shave is just one part of the extensive experience a barber shop can offer. Personal attention, advice and the sale of specialised products to take care of oneself also at home, improve the customer experience and build loyalty. In addition, the sale of products can also be an important source of income for barbershops and hair salons.

Treatments and products tend to cause greater visual impact when placed on specially designed stand-alone accessories or on walls. Keeping them close to the reception desk also allows an additional opportunity to suggest purchases to customers before they leave. Professionals should investigate the psychology behind store designs.

Wall decorating

The walls are the canvas on which the rest of the decoration is built. The colours and materials of the walls should be selected with this in mind. A barbershop or hair salon with a rustic theme can opt for walls with wooden panels, while one with a more industrial modern design might go for exposed concrete walls. A barbershop inspired by a luxury gentlemen’s club could be boosted by walls painted in navy blue or forest green or wallpaper with a subtle pattern.



There are two main factors to take into account when choosing the floor of a room: functionality and style. Barbershops and hair salon floors should be swept several times a day to remove hair cause by haircuts and facial hair grooming. A carpeted floor, therefore, would make no sense.

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