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NOVELTY! New catalog 2019!

From Mirplay Salon & Beauty we are very happy to inform you that we already have the 2019 catalog ready to show you We have put a lot of enthusiasm and effort to create and design an attractive, visual and modern catalog so that you can see our wide range of...

Magl: “Beard has to look sharp”

They opened the first barbershop in Kaunas, a city of more than 350,000 people, 3 years ago. There are currently more than 10 barbershops in the area where the hobby and philosophy of barbershops and barbershops has grown exponentially in the last five years. The...

Anti fatigue mats: The solution to your problems

Who has not suffered from back pain, lower back and legs after a long and thorough work day? We all know the feeling of heaviness or cramps in the lower extremities, that little localized discomfort in the legs and the tingling although it is not very intense. These...

How to play music with copyrights in your premises?

It is worldwide known that plenty of music is under the copyright. This means that permisson is needed from those people who created it music in order to be played in public. If your premise is located in the UK, TheMusicLicence grants you this permission. With them,...

CLINT B & BR are already here!

We love the essence, passion and vintage style of the original barbershop. That’s why we present you the new Clint Black and Clint Brown! With a matt finish metallic round, here come the new designs. Manufactured in aluminum, they stand out for their sturdiness and...

The best tricks and tips for a healthy hair

Sunny days, endless hours in the pool and on the beach; too much contact with the sun, sand, chlorine and salt ... What do I have to do to have healthy hair? Surely you have been asked this question many times and it has always been difficult for you to answer it....

NEW! Garage Collection by Mirplay Salon!

Finally, after a long period working on it and taking care of all the details, we can announce the Garage Collection by Mirplay Salon is now available! From Mirplay we are very proud to present this unique and impressive collection composed of diverse furniture that...

5 reasons why hair stops growing

Do you try to get an extra-long hair but have the feeling that the hair stops growing at a certain point? Behind hair growth there are many factors. Keep reading if you're asking yourself "why doesn't my hair grow?" 5 reasons why hair stops growing 1. Dyes and...

5 tricks to attract clients in a hairdressing salon

A few months ago we talked about ways to attract clients to a hair salon. Since ideas are unlimited, here we go with a second round focused on ways to obtain customers over the Internet and social networks. Instagram It takes nothing more than a mobile phone to be...

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