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La formation comme tremplin pour le secteur de la coiffure

Nul doute que l'offre de formation dans un secteur spécifique le motive. Plus l'offre de formation dans un secteur donné est grande et meilleure, plus le prestige, la croissance et la demande qui y sont générés sont importants. On parle de formation pour les coiffeurs...

Taking care of our image makes us happy. Very happy.

Is there anyone still doubting it? According to a study carried out by the Business Alliance for the Reduction of VAT to 10% on Personal Image, going to the hairdresser or beauty salon improves the mood of 82.9% of the population. Loyalty, happiness and assiduity in...

What is the secret to make your hair salon stand out?

In this last quarter ofthe year, it is clear that competition within the hairdressing industry is as fierce as ever. Regardless of the season, it is always a good time to start thinking about what can be done to make your business stand out from the crowd. Being good...

Boost business

How to boost your salon in the post-pandemic era? Life has changed and also our health and care habits. Whatever your business plan for 2021 might be like, it's worth stopping, observing, and rethinking it before putting on autopilot. If there is any lesson to be...


The power of colour And we are not just talking about dyed hair. We want to emphasize the importance of colour in the spaces in which we live or work. Because the chromaticism of our environment influences the perception of the moment we live in. We can think of...


We will agree that taking care of our look makes us feel good. All of us.   Having our hair dyed, making an appointment with our hairdresser or going to our barbershop, even if it’s just for a slight beard trim, are small gestures that make us feel mysteriously...

How to fight hair loss in women

Hair loss is usually related to men, who want to avoid, at all costs, hair loss. But the loss of female hair density has become an evil that affects more and more women, regardless of age. In this post, we will explain how to get it back. There are several...

The hair salons after COVID-19

The hair salons, beauty salons and barbershops have been forced to shut down because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. After a few weeks without being allowed to open your business, it seems that the return to work is a little closer. In any case, hairdressers must...


We continue to bring you fresh news and introducing new products! We continue to bring you fresh news and introducing new products! We have new 2020 hair salon and barber shop furniture for you and great desire to introduce them to you, so don't miss out so you can...

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