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It is our passion to create products with attractive and useful designs.

That is why we put our knowledge in the design, development and manufacturing to get products of quality at a very competitive price.

As a result; the best Furniture and Equipment for Hairdressers and Barbershops.


New in business? Do you need inspiration? Or do you want a change your salon furniture?


Unique styles and useful designs

Hairdressers and Barbers

If you need hairdressing or barber furniture to open your center or simply renovate your salon, first of all what you need is a furniture provider . In addition to having a wide range of Furniture and Equipment for Hairdressers and Barbershops , at Mriplay Salon, we can also help design your salon and turn it into a unique experience for your customers.

( Ask your distributor for information )

Distributors and Wholesalers

At Mirplay Salon, we design, develop and manufacture our own furniture for Hairdressers and Barbershops . Consequently, we put all our knowledge in design, development and manufacturing. As a result we create more efficient products. And we do it with passion, proximity and commitment.
In addition, we have more than 12,000 m2 of storage area and we always have our warehouses full, to serve in 24 hours. In conclusion, quality and design at competitive prices.




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La formation comme tremplin pour le secteur de la coiffure

Nul doute que l'offre de formation dans un secteur spécifique le motive. Plus l'offre de formation dans un secteur donné est grande et meilleure, plus le prestige, la croissance et la demande qui y sont générés sont importants. On parle de formation pour les coiffeurs...

Taking care of our image makes us happy. Very happy.

Is there anyone still doubting it? According to a study carried out by the Business Alliance for the Reduction of VAT to 10% on Personal Image, going to the hairdresser or beauty salon improves the mood of 82.9% of the population. Loyalty, happiness and assiduity in...


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Address: Poligon Industrial Morera-La Mallola
BP-4313, KM 28.7
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